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Your Hurst, TX Podiatrist

Hurst, Texas is a suburb city famous for its name, ‘Quality of Life City’ and situated at the center of the center of DFW metropolitan district. The quality of life enjoyed by the residents is definitely something to write home about! As part of our recognition of its name, we at the Hurst Podiatrist office offers you our best services to help you achieve the best quality of foot and ankle health possible. You can contact us at 817-424-3668 (FOOT).

Your Local Hurst Foot Doctor

Our offices provide the most superb podiatric services in a friendly and comfortable environment. We provide you with the necessary information on how to take care of your foot and ankle and we shall answer all your questions regarding your podiatric concerns. We also have friendly, bilingual, licensed and certified staff who will find ways to help you. Our team is skilled in the prevention, treatment and correction of some ankle and foot problems like plantar fasciitis, hammertoes, flat feet, crush injuries, diabetic foot, corns, calluses, fungus toenails, metatarsalgia, neuromas, and warts.  We also provide rigid orthotics, soft and semi-rigid orthotics for the protection, functionality and control of your foot available at various sizes, materials and shapes at our in-office store so you have everything you need before you leave.

We offer practical payment options to suit your financial needs should you find it troubling to make the payments. There are also participating insurance companies to help you defray the costs of your treatment. You may also speak to our administrative staff about special payment alternatives if you will not be able to pay during your scheduled visit. All of our Academy Foot and Ankle Specialists locations accepts checks, cash or credit cards.

Our podiatrists provide excellent care and experience for your diagnosis and treatment. We are open to serve you from 9AM to 5PM on weekdays. We also have a convenient scheduling system organized to fit your busy schedule.  We have advanced facilities like Digital X-Ray, laser, extracorporeal shockwave, physical therapy, and a whole lot more. We are affiliated with the Victory Medical Center in Hurst.

For more information on patient education, services,  facilities and payment options for our offices serving the Hurst area, please call us at 817-424-3668 (FOOT) or continue to explore our website for more information.




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