What is Gangrene?

bacteriaGangrene occurs when there si a lack of blood supply to tissue, depriving it of oxygen, and thereby causing death and decay of the tissue.

The two types of gangrene are wet (caused by bacterial infection) and dry (no infection). Most common causes of gangrene are diabetesarteriosclerosis, tobacco abuse, burns, and frostbite. Any sudden onset of foot or leg pain accompanied by lower skin temperature and skin color changes may indicate a sudden blockage of blood flow to the legs.

Gangrene is a serious condition, particularly when it is caused by an infection, which can spread throughout the body. Gangrenous tissue must be surgically removed, followed by oxygen treatment and intravenous antibiotics to kill any infection. Wet gangrene is a medical emergency requiring immediate care.

If you suspect you have gangrene, contact our office or go to the emergency room. Any delay in treatment may result in the loss of a limb, or life.

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